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Gaming Update #29 | Completed: Advanced Power Plants

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 09:41 AM

--- Advanced Power Plants ---

With great power comes great responsibility. No, I’m not talking about super powers here (well, maybe I am), I’m talking about the responsibilities a commander has to his forces and his base. As his base grows larger, he is responsible for maintaining the power levels and making sure it doesn’t run out, thus allowing his forces a home that isn’t dark, defenseless, and inefficient.

And as every commander knows, space starts becoming scarce in the late game, and in order to get maximum power output with the area available, he needs to make way for better power plants.

Posted Image

In GDI’s case, “better” means trading fission for fusion. GDI Advanced Power Plants use a combination of a conventional fission reactor and an experimental cold fusion reactor. The conventional reactor helps to drive the fusion reactions in a highly-classified process that is still undergoing testing. The results are promising, however, with the APP providing a substantial increase in power production—twice that of a normal Power Plant.

Posted Image

Nod, on the other hand, have taken conventional means to the extreme. The Brotherhood has scaled up the size of their fission reactors, thus necessitating a second cooling tower to handle the increased heat generated by the atomic reactions. The increased risk of meltdown is viewed as both necessary and temporary, as plans are already laid for next-generation power plants with Tiberium at their hearts…


The Advanced Power Plant was again created by the exemplary duo of Ric and Soviet Deso. And in short order, we’ll have some Advanced Guard Towers and Obelisks to give this building a sense of purpose.

-General Aurum
Public Relations
Tiberian Dawn

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Posted 21 January 2009 - 10:12 AM

O damn, that looks absolutely stunning... Gosh darnit, I'll be too busy staring at all my pretty buildings to concentrate on playing!

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