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[2007/10/30] Blog #13 | In Search Of Brilliance And Stepping Into a Minefield

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Posted 30 October 2007 - 02:41 AM

--- In Search of Brilliance ---
--- And Stepping Into a Minefield ---

I am not very certain as to how I should begin this new adventure in web log writing; the title sounds very inspiring and here I am this long haired metalhead left standing on stage with a microphone and an apparently captive audience. I'm just glad all of this is online so you can't start hurling rotten fruit at me when I decided to start singing. No, that really doesn't have anything to do with Tiberian Dawn but it does touch on my current predicament, plus I work here (I was kidnapped!). So instead of singing, I'll try this...


Ah, right. Our most honoured and valued guests, it appears you have arrived at our brand new homestead here at cnc-source. Welcome! Yes, yes, I know it has been a bit hectic in the recent past and that's all behind us now, we're here now and a part of a big vibrant community of artists and obvious lunatics (Before we came along it was just artists, apparently). The reasons for this, which is very possibly and hopefully the last time we'll be gathering up the harem and moving house, are... numerous and to be quite honest I was asleep at the back when the rest of the blokes discussed it so I'm not all the certain on the details.

But from what I've gathered, from my extensive prodding around for information (i.e I skimmed a few forum post, then became bored and began looking for naked ladies on the interwebs); cnc-source extended the offer of our forums and the whole lot of it being hosted here and it would appear, as you can see, that we accepted.

Strangely lacking in nefarious plots and schemes, really. Unless we've all been mind controlled or something, in which case YAY! And also send help.

The thing is though that now we are here, well really it's a load off of our backs and our minds. We know cnc-source has really dedicated and excellent staff here and a forum system that's not going to be all broken and wonky, and if it manages to somehow... mysteriously... get a few screws and bolts loose for some reason they've got their johnny on the spot sysadmin with his trusty mop to wipe up the muck and wrench to whack people over the head with. So in that sense there's a whole lot of support to be had here.

And on a much broader sense, well this is a veritable smorgasbord of mod making talent, seriously this place is apparently oozing it from the pores and it shows. I've had a gander through the general forums and a peek here behind the scenes and the various staff forums and such, and this is really the sort of community one wants to be part of when you're working on a project that aims to produce something brilliant, chew bubblegum and kick ass. As you should well know, we intend to do all three.

This is essentially a win-win situation, the old forums will be kept open as a sort of archive of what was (I want my blogs here! Mine! I want them!) [They are lol, just look in the bloody updates section! -ed] and left to rot and fester as they should while we make merry here.

I sense in a few weeks whatever gullible fools decided to extend the olive branch to us will be with their faces in their palms, muttering about us 'orrible TibDawn heathens, our drunken debauchery and sinfulness. Seriously, these little red horns are not super-glued on to my head.

Still, still the welcome we've received has been wonderfully warm and the supportive nature is greatly appreciated. So on behalf of the merry band of hedonistic perverts that we are, I'd just like to say thank you. Now we shall be removing our trousers and doing a small dance in appreciation.

What? Oh, I've just been informed the pantless dancing is off, seems you'll be spared that joy - for now.

And with that horrifying thought in mind, let us move on to the news.

--- NEWS ---

As you have no doubt realized and I've just informed those of you who might be a tiny bit slow on the uptake - we've moved, so no real need to go into that in the news section any further is there? No not really. So we'll just skip along to bits of actual interest. I'm fairly sure I have a list of things I'm supposed to be writing about, so I'll just dig that up and we'll be off on our way...


The mod SDK! Finally, finally after such and arduous wait that had our code monkeys gnawing at their fingernails with such anxious vigour that they've just got five wiggly bloodied stubs left where their fingers used to be - more on how you can contribute to getting our code monkeys some new prosthetic fingers later - but the ones who didn't fail their SAN checks have finally gotten their hands on the long awaited mod SDK for C&C3.

What do you mean it was released ages ago? Well yes I know that - actually I didn't - but it's still relevant.

Very relevant as you'll see from scrolling down to the youtube videos-- No! No! Not yet!-- Yes, once you finally get to viewing all the pretties you'll see the sort of headway we're making on that front.

Really it is quite astounding, from what I can see we've already got some very much pre-alpha stage internal builds passing through the forums. Great stuff.

And the code monkeys, from what I'm told, are happy to report that things appear very tweakable indeed... so we should get all sorts of nifty stuff spinning and popping in no time. No, I have no clue what that means, it just seems like things may very well spin and pop eventually.


Interviews! There has, apparently in my absence, been a whole slew of interviews conducted with the ever lovable staff of vagabonds and professionally trained buffoons we employ here at Tiberian Dawn. All of them very much worth a read and providing a valuable bit of information for the lot of you to chew at. Now as I'm a bit late some of these interviews might be going a bit stale.

Still worth a glance or two, I reckon.

First off Kushan and Duuude007 had an interview with Dario at Planet CNC. On the bread basket staleness level this is the bread you find right at the bottom that seems to have an alien colony growing on it. Suggest wearing gloves if you're going to attempt poking it. May need to contact doctor to remove little green men from lungs. Now go have a look!

Second we threw the two lads at Evo over at CNC Nation to get their seats lit on fire and answer some tough questions. On the bread basket staleness level this is a whole lot fresher, of course if this interview were a piece of stale bread I'm afraid it'd be hard enough for me to be able to murder someone with it. Death by stale bread, not a pleasant way to go I'm told. Still, it is post-SDK and has a lot of fancy info in it and go in depth on a few issues. Very much worth a good look!

Third we had Duuude007 and some of the other chaps on the team - and some crazy Dutch tagger-along - make their way over to the Pariahs-Guild to answer some questions. If this interview were a piece of bread in my basket of bread, it would indeed most amazingly, be quite fresh - you might even consider taking a bite of it and not worry about losing half your teeth. Amazing, I know. On top of that it's a very insightful interview.

Now, we're done with my back log of interviews I've not reported on. That should be all of them, our thanks to the community sites for having us over for these nice chats - the cookies and milk were very much appreciated.


We've got our IRC channel and we've got people in it, but you - dear reader - are most probably not one of them so here is how you join in on the fun if you have no clue how this IRC business works [HERE] and if you're already IRC savvy, then you should pip on over to #TiberianDawn on

Really it's a fabulous place to hang out, I mean sometimes we even have lively conversations in there ... you know when everyone isn't idling, at school, work or too intoxicated to type.

Or possibly too intoxicated to join as is the case with some.

Still be a sport and come on over to shoot the breeze.


There. I've plugged the IRC channel so what's next? Oh for... see this is the problem, first they don't feed me and my blog notes are out of date. I'm supposed to be typing in this tiny little section about how we'll be merging into the CNC Source cabal in the coming weeks - but we're already here aren't we! - so this would make very little sense indeed if I did type it up like that...


I shall take this moment to break the fourth wall? No wait, that's character stuff - well I'm fairly sure I'm going to break down some wall because I feel like breaking down a wall - and I'm going to spend the next few lines blathering on about bands I like.

Kraftwerk. It has been said, and it will continue to be said that anyone who listens to Kraftwerk and yet can not fathom why they are musically significant is utterly devoid of any recognizable signs of humanity. There you go, now go buy some thirty year old German electronica and be hip like me.

That's right. Hip like me. For f*cks sake my middle name is Zaphod, you don't get much more hip than that do you? No sir, you do not. (Yes, yes it really is. No, I won't tell why.)


Your only other alternative is crossing the border to Canada, buddy.

Get the message there? Good. You really haven't got a choice in the matter so you might as well give yourself up now. Now send in your resume and we'll have a look over it to see if you're up to scratch and if you are we'll have you in fatigues and armed with your weapon of preference before you can pronounce some... very hard to pronounce word. Backwards.

Oh and anyone who isn't suitably talented gets shot.

No really, we're a wonderful lot and if you've got ANY of the following talents drop us a line.
  • Concept Artists
  • Texture Artists
  • Animation Artists
  • Mappers

We've got a nice cohort of brutes armed to the teeth of course, but we're always looking for anyone with a suitable amount of spunk and starch in their undergarments to provide a bit more oomph.

We'll even provide you with a complimentary Kushan if you're a texture artist, poor Soviet_Deso has been working his Russian fingers to the bone recently. We of course have him convinced that all of the work he's doing on Tiberian Dawn is the for the 'Greater glory of Soviet Russia!' combine that with a mild drugging and well... human rights violations be damned!

--- UPDATES ---

The updates are very much centered around transportation this time, to kick it off we have the ever lovable and cuddly APC. Cocoon those ever so valuable G.I Joe's and Jane's in the metallic bosom of this troop transporting wonder machine, it comes in two colors and can manage even the most perilous things mother nature and alien meteors can throw in front of it.

Yes, if you've got some troops to get to the battlefield quick the APC is for you.

Posted Image


More information and pretty pictures for you oogle in the full update, so go take a gander before you move on to the next item in the blog. Go!


[Tocsin forgot to remind y'all: Our good friend JazzMang has recorded a nice gameplay sneak-peek video, featuring all of our newest GDI units. Also featured, is background original music, by NeptuneUK. -ed]


Standard High-Def


Of course for the fine connoisseur of troop transport that is nothing that is quite equal to the efficiency of the Chinook transport helicopter; after all why would you deal with the hassle and bumps of rough terrain when you could be up there zipping through the deep blue sky? (Permitted of course it's not too windy and you don't have a SAM site locking on to your heat signature). No one can deny the usefulness of a good helicopter and with a bit of planning and coordination you can surprise your enemies with these in new and unexpected ways that will surely result in their fiery demise and eventually admittance that you are indeed the most awesome commander there ever was.


Posted Image

Clicking is needed here!

Seriously go check out the updates for these two magnificently well done units. Leaves a few comments too, we're big lovers of feedback - and alcohol - actually forget the feedback but could maybe borrow a few quid so we could get another pint? Thanks.


The next piece of kit doesn't get its own separate update, but the A-10 does get its bit in the blog since it has been fully remodeled and retextured. Again this is the work of DamageINC and Soviet_Deso, the old version was a bit lacking in certain respects so it got overhauled.

Posted Image

Now we've got colors depending on which side the A-10 belongs to and generally it looks quite a bit more spiffy than it previously did. Kudos on another jobs well done team, now we should become superheroes and go fight crime or something. Or you know, keep working on the mod - whichever works better.

Christ, I am a pillock when I can't think of anything to say.

What? I already wrote ONE update on the A-10 ages ago, I've already used up all my jet-y material. And now I've got a cunning plan, I could copy and paste from that to here, you'd never notice. Except I'm too lazy to actually do that, thus another cunning plan foiled by my own sloth like state.

--- Concepts and Other Stuff ---

Yes, our resident concept artists have been hard at work while I've been slacking off like a complete b*stard, on top of that there's some additional things that are pretty nifty that we've got here. So keep on reading.

But first to start off with the concept art from Dimitri86, the man keeps designing downright brilliant buildings for us to make models off of (Yes, I know we haven't shown building models off in the blog, but that doesn't mean they're not being worked on.)

First off we have the concept for the GDI Infantry Barracks.

Posted Image

As you can see this isn't much of a radical change from the sort of Barracks you get in C&C1, but there are some added touches to give it a bit more life and flare. You've got the camouflage netting over one side of it, underneath which you have your standard issue military crate - loved all around the world for its usefulness when hiding from certain death in the form of patrolling soldiers and its ability to give cover when discovered - and some barrels (Personally I like thinking of them as really, really big kegs).

Not as much a departure from the original, but now the barracks will actually look like they're being used.


Second up there's the GDI Weapon's Factory, and...

Posted Image

Its got armor-plating, vents, grills, pipes and... oh my! We've taken a bit more liberties with the Weapons Factory, the concept for this compared to the original is somewhat more futuristic, cleaner lines and it looks efficient. Futuristic and industrial. While there's obviously a lot that has been changed - for the better in our opinion - it still retains the shape of the classic Weapons Factory, with the main garage/workarea part with a big splitting door at the centre of it and then you have that wing - at more of an angle on ours - with two smoke stacks.

Brilliant work on the part of Dimitri86 once again, the concept art of his that we have shown off in the blogs will eventually end up in releases of the game too. Also, I've been thinking of doing some special features on some of the more interesting concepts - showing how it progressed from initial ideas, the original building, to the sort of glorious work we end up with.


Third, we've got DamageINC's gunboats, a multi talented fellow and its been shown off before that he's practicing at this whole drawing, painting art thing; with very good results might I add.

Posted Image

Gunboats storming a beach with Nod turrets, with choppy seas and an overcast sky. Personally with the sun peaking out in the background I like to think of this as an early dawn raid, essentially a bad day for all involved, but making a brilliant picture in the process. No, it doesn't have any relevance as concept art - as such - it doesn't show any radical changes to units or structure; what stuff like this does do is give a sense of atmosphere. Cloudy grey sky with not at all comforting strips of orange light, stormy seas and a treacherous mission to secure a beach head.

Kudos to DamageINC on this, hope he keeps at it because I have a feeling that we'll be seeing more and more pretty neat paintings from him if he does.


Wallpapers! That's what we've got here. A wallpaper that shows off some completed units and Tiberium - ready to adorn your desktop right now! It comes in two sizes, big and bigger (Honestly, who uses 800*600 any more anyway?) (Thanks goes to Soviet Deso for these) [-ed]

1280*1024: Posted Image

1600*1024: Posted Image

Expect more stuff like wallpapers and what have you to come along in the not too distant future.

--- End Notes ---

And that is it for the blog. Expect more regular blogs from now on - although I'm making no promises on weekly blogs, I'm fairly sure my alien overlords have other plans for me - here if you don't comply they just stick a brainslug on your head. Brutal place. (Can anyone else tell that I've been watching Futurama quite a bit recently? Yeah, thought so.)

Now, I know in the blog there wasn't much in the way of Work In Progress, but don't be fooled into thinking that there isn't any going on in the background. Trust me, we've got a big fat pipeline of stuff that's getting pushed through, we're pretty settled in here at this point (We've been here over a month now, the blog artist is just a bit lazy) and we've already got internal builds out the wazoo.

That's where internal builds naturally come out, of course.


Huzzah for Tiberian Dawn! What? I couldn't think of anything else.


I am blogger, please insert alcohol, baby!
Tiberian Dawn

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 12:03 AM

Very nice, keep up the good work. <3

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 01:38 AM

Some remarks...

- APC links to the original (beheaded) topic in the staff section, while it should link to this one.
- Apparently I can't see any of the unit updates unless I'm logged in... o_O

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 02:22 AM

There was a missing checkbox in the topic view permissions for guests. I fixed it. :)
(I also fixed the APC links before I go off to bed now.)

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 05:01 AM

Thanks Mightybob ^^

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 09:49 AM

Nice blog.


Original by Tocsin
And the code monkeys,

Again it hits the programmers. :( Most times people just complain, never say "WOOT cool you could do that", but without programmers no games would exist. :( Mammutpanzer shoots a Mammoth Tusk Missile against Tocsin.

The barracks is "acceptable". (I am still not 100% shure)
The War Factory (or is it called Weapons Factory? :S ) is too far away from the original War Factory of C&C 1 TD. It should be changed. If not for the enhanced mode, than for the classic mode.

Nice "rocket cruiser" (sorry I don't know the english word for it, needed to word to word translate) concept art Dimitri, but the rocket launcher is at the front part of the "rocket cruiser"

I can get Soviet_Deso's picture at full size now. Sorry I made a mistake.
I have problems with the High-Def video. The standard one works, but for the Hig-Def I just heard the music, no screen.

This post has been edited by Mammutpanzer: 31 October 2007 - 11:08 AM


#7 User is offline   Nyerguds 

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 12:34 PM

I'm the supreme nitpicker, the ultimate C&C1 freak who makes sure the mod stays true to the original...

And I like it. So it stays. Hah :P

Seriously though... the weapons factory has been adjusted to make it more realistic to fit a mammoth tank in there. The original was REALLY too small to make it build mammoths.

As for the barracks.. dunno what's wrong with it. The supplies and the camo net over em seem like things you'd find on an army outpost.

#8 User is offline   TomatoSlayer 

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 01:54 PM

Also, those are concepts, which means they're not a final representation of what you will see ingame.

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 05:37 PM

A10 and transport heli look so fantastic!!!
Is the jet-fighter for tactic airstrike available? I mean A10's job is to assault a "line" area, but the jet-fighter bombs a small area. Please take look at THIS VID at 0:18 (by nyerguds). So, are you guys going to make Jets? Thanks

The link is supposed to be this

This post has been edited by classic leon: 31 October 2007 - 05:49 PM


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Posted 31 October 2007 - 05:42 PM

The team is focussing on Classic Mode first, and Classic Mode will be a 100% port of the C&C1 tech tree, without any added extras. So, no jets for now. Anyway, I don't see the need for 2 planes to deliver napalm, just because this vid shows the plane dropping all the napalm at once. An A-10 could do that too.

Also, you picked the wrong video :P

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