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New Renegade Asset Models Added! Reborn vehicles!! Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 12 January 2005 - 09:01 PM

I have been doing a lot of work with the reborn models lately and I thought I would share some of the fruits of my labor with the community.

I have totally reworked the open source Reborn titan walking animation and made a few slight adjustments to the skeletal structuring of the titan vehicle.

Posted Image
Click here to download the modified reborn titan model

The next piece of work that I wish to share is really going to open up your eyes to the power of Jonathan Wilson's expanded scripts for renegade!

I have completed and ran this vehicle through a number of tests and can confirm without a doubt that it is possible to attach more than a single turret to any renegade vehicle.......but here's the kicker......these attached turrets can be operated by the players.

Without further adue.......I present my modified version of the open source Reborn Mammoth Mark2.

Posted Image
Click here to download the modified Reborn Mammoth Mark2

This vehicle is set up to hold two passengers within the main vehicle.....and three passengers in the externally attached defensive turrets(nose gun,and two missile turrets) for a grand total of 5 players.
Four of which can be laying down a steady stream of missiles,bullets,and railgun fire.

Another thing I have modified for the MMK2 is the walking animation......I have changed it from the way it was actually animated in the TS cut scenes to a starwars AT-AT type of walking configuration.

The gmax animation file I have included also shows the advantages of animating your characters with Inverse Kinematic bone chains as opposed to using primitive box style animation bones.

I have also included docomeentation on how to install this vehicle into any renegade mod.....the docomeentation covers vehicle preset hirearchy,which scripts to attach to what type of vehicle,and how to enable the walking animations.

{Edit 1/22/05} I have updated the download for the Mammoth Mk2 because I discovered that the vehicle got stuck too easily on uneven terrain or a transition of 30 degrees or better....the vehicle now negotiates uneven terrain without a problemb.


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