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Tiberian Evolution & Mutation Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 05:27 AM

Nice idea with the tiberium birdies, carying things around and droping them. my opinion...if you knew in deployments there are chances some big-ass birds are going to pick up your soldiers and drop'em who-knows-where, you'd equip them(or most of them, not the heaviest ones) with parachutes, fur just such occurances :)).

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 11:39 AM

View Post3D Master, on 26 September 2009 - 07:36 AM, said:

Except of course, that the EA Tiberium is NOT a terraforming agent, the Westwood Tiberium WAS a terraforming agent and THEY wanted it to be a terraforming agent, not EA.

The Tiberium of CnC3 is NOT part of any life cycle, it can NOT BE part of any life cycle, because it is DEAD, it is LIFELESS.

The removal of all the Tiberium mutants and the plant version of Tiberium is the greatest crime committed to the Tiberium Universe.

I could write a whole book about why TW fails in every possible way aswell as making a musical on broadway about it, but I simply cannot stress it out any further without seriously draining myself of more energy... Good counter post, I appreciate that you made this statement before the TW ideas taints the good ideas.

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 06:23 AM

Here are few ideas:
-Monstrous creature which have a low percent of spawn on huge tiberium fields.
-Have a solid tiberium shell on his back. And when taking fire borowing half of its body into the ground and taking much less percent of incoming damage
-Instantly spawns viceroids
-With 30% probability turns you dead soldiers into ficeroids
-Taking much more damage due to his shell. To take all incoming damage must be forced to melee (units must come very close to it)
-When have 1% HP turns insane and charging most your most powerful unit with melee attacks, doing 400% damage. While insane almost indestructable to bullets and railguns but taking more damage from splash damage weapons.
-When dead explodes and a large number of viceroids creeps out of his body
-If low HP can throw itself into the water and disappear. If that happened spawns with full HP 5 minutes left.

Cracken guard:
-Large creature with 4 feet that can charge your forces (run through them)
-If charging: infantry scattering around and taking damage. Vehicles taking damage and unable to fire for a few seconds because stunned.
-Few creatures spawns if cracken taking damage for a long time

-Tiberium infected vegetation which looks like a algae growing through the ground. Rare to find. If your unit bump into it (step on it) it disappears below the ground and several more of such vegetations spawn over a large area.
-If some number of this vegetation touched then it makes an ion storm.

-Human-size flying medusa-like creature.
-Seeds 1 tiberium crystall at a time.
-If your unit come close to it, then seeder infect your unit with tiberium.
-Infected unit takes damage at a time before destroyed/killed. While taking damage from seeder's infection unit moves slower and slower. Destroyed vehicle turns into a few tiberium crystalls (depends on vehicle cost of course)) Killed infantry turns into a viceroid.
-If infantry standing for a period of time near infected unit, it can get infection too. (Infection outbreak!)
-Seeder ignores not moving units.
-When seeder killed it spawns tiberium cloud which can infect all units, which gets through this cloud. (Reason to do not kill him)

-Small creature which eats tiberium crystals.
-Spawns in squads of 2-4 creatures
-If attacked calls for help of a large number of gluttons
-If unit standing near a glutton for a period of time, glutton can start to eat it))

-Human-like (or human-size would be more accurate) creature, which randomly walking all over the map and attacks little group of units.
-Have average health but high damage.
-If have low health starting to fall back.
-If falling back creature is attacked and near death, then screaming
-Scream calls for a 5-10 more of such creatures

-Small creatures which live on tiberium fields. Can attach to harvester.
-If attached to harvester, then harvester gets to you less tiberium on a refinery (Tiberium level in the harvester is not decreasing)
-Can damage harvester when unloading tiberium.
-Can be spotted by average unit which can see a cloaked units

*Name this yourself*:
-Further mutation of seeder. Medusa like creature with big torso and small tentacles
-Unlike seeder it do not infects anything. But slowing down all units around it and damages infantry
-Spawns 1 blue tiberium crystal at a time. (Longer time than seeder)
-Can be grabbed by empty harvester (harvester without tiberium)
-Very slow moving
-You can build your own blue tiberium field))

If u like one of the following i can draw a concept art.

P.S. Sizes i mentioned (form largest to smallest) Monstruous->Large->Averege->Human-size->Small

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