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Posted 02 February 2010 - 07:09 PM

A new edition of the C&C4 Developer Q&A has been released on the Official C&C Forums. Edition 15 features questions covering gameplay, story, and how C&C 4 will be distributed! Check it out below.

If you do not have a friend to play with for the co-op campaign, can you play it alone or with an AI ally?

There are no co-commanders in CNC4 – if you don’t have a co-op buddy, you play alone and the mission is rebalanced as appropriate.

How can Nod counter the mighty Mastodon?

The Mastodon is a very powerful unit and can be difficult to counter at first. Any support unit will be able to tear apart unprotected Mastodons, especially Basilisks whose chain lightning can hit multiple Mastodons at a time. As an Offense player, Widows excel at taking out Mastodons and even smaller units like Scorpion Tanks and Stealth Tanks have the firepower to knock out Mastodons. As Defense, it is very difficult to counter Mastodons since the Mastodon is primarily an anti-Defense unit, but High Confessors with their chain lightning are your best bet. The reason why most players are decimated by Mastodons is because of the Mastodon’s area of effect weapon. Most players simply right click to attack the group of Mastodons and as the units move forward and try to get in range, they are all being obliterated by the Mastodon’s volley because they are all closely clumped. The trick is to surround the Mastodons (by burrowing, stealth, or simply attacking from different areas), and then make sure as few of your units are hit by each Mastodon’s volley. Once you’ve knocked out 1 or 2, send in Engineers to capture them and use the Mastodons against your opponent.

What brings Tiberium Crystals to the battlefield?

That is an Idris Corporation lifter, used by the Tiberium Control Network to return (relatively) stable processed Tiberium to the battlefield or construction area where it may be of use.

What kind of mission objectives will there be in the single player campaign?

All of our objectives are lab based. In CNC4, you can capture a lab, destroy a lab, defend a lab and even escort a lab! =) There will be many different objective types in C&C4, stay tuned to future Q&A's for more!

Will C&C4 be out on Steam and other download services?

Yes, C&C 4 will be available on digital download services, such as the EA Store and Steam.

Have a question of your own that you would like answered in the future? Then post in the Ask A Developer Thread on the official C&C forums.

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Posted 09 March 2010 - 09:58 AM

Chain Lightning? What is this? Warcraft III? FOR THE HORDE, ER, BROTHERHOOD!

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