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Posted 29 May 2008 - 08:27 PM

I just found this war story of mine in a text document from 2006 as I was cleaning my hard drive:

Me said:

omg rofflecaeks. Okay so I was GDI on C&C_Field. Nod was sieging our base with 6 Artilleries and a Light Tank. They destroyed our Weapons Factory. I went into the tunnel as a Havok to try and pick off the Artys/Technicians.

Lo and behold, parked under the waterfall is the Light Tank, in the red health zone, being repaired by its Engineer pilot. He doesn't see me and I take my time lining up my shot and just shoot his ass, then I walk all the way down the right ramp, and take the Light Tank (still in the red health zone). I come around behind the Artys using the farthest bridge acting like reinforcements, and I try to run over one of the Techs but I missed...

But here's the good part, the Technician (an idiot) turns around and repairs my stolen tank to full health (while I line him up in front of me as he repairs). I repay him by running him over, I then proceeded to kill all 6 Artilleries. It was absolute pandemonium as they realized I was GDI and freaked and scattered trying to destroy me. I got all 6 Artys and they still couldn't kill me so I took my new Light Tank back to base.


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