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Posted 18 February 2009 - 04:37 PM

All good things come to an end. Fed up by the lack of modding support from EA, poor tools, and better support from other studios with their games, the people behind Tiberium Wars Advanced are calling it quits. They might do a few last bug fixes and release that as the final version of TWA.
Here's what they had to say (quoted in entirety):

Stygs said:

To make it as short as possible:

TWA is dead.

I stopped working on it some time ago and, honestly, I dont feel like starting to work on it again.

Why? Because of 2 reasons:

EAs "Support" & Fallout 3.

If you ever try modding or mapping for CnC3 or RA3, you will notice that EAs tools are basically a joke - while they allow you to edit basic unit stats and values, it is impossible to edit unit values for the campaign (hence the Firehawk bugs in TWA) or edit most unit models (you would need the source files from the models, but EA IGNORED every request for them - the only reason we could edit the infantry models was that EA included some of them in the SDK as a "get started" kit)
Apparently, EA does not seem to care about making their tools user-friendly either. Seriously, they are using the Worldbugger... errrr -builder since CnC Generals (that means they made new WBs for CNC:Gen, Zero Hour, BFME, BMFE2, BMFE2:ROTWK, CnC3 and KW) and yet their RA3 WB is still... lets just say there is a lot of room for improvements...
They even already have a release date for RA3: Uprising, when yet there is no clear information when a RA3 SDK will come (not to mention a RA3:Uprising SDK).
And don't even get me started on "EA's Modding Guru" Mastermind, also know as Mr. "I gave some support in the beginning and then disappeared into nothingness" Mastermind.

And the second reason is Fallout 3 - not only that it is a fun game to play and the whole atmosphere is way better than in CnC3, but it also has a tool called G.E.C.K - I don't want to go in details, but after seeing the GECK and Bethesdas modding support, I just don't care anymore for EA and their "support"..

Nevertheless, there is a lot of new stuff in TWA 1.53 that would be a shame to scrap, so there a good chance that I might polish the current version (aka fix some gamebreaking bugs and remove unfinished units) and then release it as TWA 1.6, but I can' t promise anything.

Another casualty from Thundermods is an unannounced project called Deus Ex Tiberia. If German is not your first language, or even a language you can stumble through, you might want to try Google Translate. Just paste the URL and don't forget to change the source language.

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Posted 18 February 2009 - 05:38 PM

It's a shame. However, it's the name of the game when you are dealing with mods, as it's always an uphill battle.

Anyway, I wish Stygs and anyone else in TWA the best in their modding future.

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Posted 20 February 2009 - 09:58 AM

Aww this looked like one of the most interesting mods ive seen. Would have been nice for them to continue but i understand what they mean just didnt feel like fighting for it anymore i dont blame them either its alot of work to deal with such limited tools...

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