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  Posted 26 August 2007 - 08:30 PM

A new Sun is Rising!

Over the C&C3 Tiberium Wars SAGE engine! Yes we have transistion across to C&C3, with 90% of our graphical assets done and only 10% to go thats the longest part of development nearly finished.

As you can see I've been working with the new SDK already and figured alot of things out pretty quickly the engine is very cool and very powerful. At first it seemed overwhelming different but after having a good look through some of the files and the way the engine handles them its very similair to Zero Hour after all. Except we have much cooler possibilites available to us and alot more power to what depths I am still assessing at the moment. But as with the current TSR design we had more then enough power and control with the Zero Hour engine I'm very excited at how far we can push TSR under the C&C3 engine.

I've already started coding things in, my first order of business is to get a mini mod out to you guys ASAP with the Titan and Nod Stealth Tank ingame, for a bit of fun.

Then I'll be working on coding everything in, while also experimenting with the new engine.

Our graphic artists are unwrapping models and texturing them at the moment we will have some new skinned units to show any day now I hope :). In the mean time you can expect alot of updates and activity :).

As for the Zero Hour version, well ultimatly moving to C&C3 wont delay release much at all I predict with current understanding of C&C3 and what we have to do. The fate of the ZH version is not sealed as yet but for now the focus will be on the C&C3 edition I'm afriad which is good news for most but I know thers alot of you really excited about the ZH verison as well we havent forgotten you ;). And the more demand there is for a ZH version the more chance there is of it being completed along with a C&C3 release which prolly be simulatanious.

Hmmm oh yes game design is being revised with all the new C&C3 possibiltiies but for the most part we'll be converting over the current TSR design and making nessecary changes and upgrading it further as we go in development phase.

Any ideas be sure to post them and make yourself heard this mod is for you the fans afterall.

Alot of really cool stuff in the works things are going really great at the moment stay tuned for more!

Peace Through Power!

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