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Posted 01 March 2011 - 05:42 PM

Original post by faresmasouty on modddb

"a couple of questions
1st is there going to be ice ? like the one on water that breaks a bit with medium tanks and totally drowns heavy stuff etc
2nd is nod going to get something like the mammoth mk2 ? i mean you guys arent going totally ts on nod so why not as well give them a super unit ?
3rd gates will there be working gates opening and closing etc
4th just if you can estimate how much stuff are still on the list ? like 20 units 5 structure and some final polish something like that so we know somewhat when will it be ready ?
5th Do you guys need a beta tester ? i am available :P
for reall if you want a beta tester please i will test it

Ooooo questions, I like questions.
And as such onto the answers, such as they are.
1:- As far as i'm aware no, not at the moment. I'll ask the coders but I have a feeling its not really possible on the SAGE engine.
2:- There are plenty of counters to the MK2 out there and as such I don't really see the need for any 'epic unit' other than the cyborg commando. We do have some other stuff in the works but that's all I can say about that.
3:- Gates are being worked on at the moment from what I've been told, not sure if they actually work yet though. So no promises till i know they actually work.
4:- Both sides still have things to do before they're finished. There is a list of seen units here, tad out of date but i'll be changing that soon.
5:- When and how we'll pick beta-testers has yet to be decided. If I was to GUESS at selection criteria then I'd say being active, polite and offering CONSTRUCTIVE feedback can only help your chances.

And that's all folks, if there are anymore questions then feel free to ask them in this thread along with any other comments.

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