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Posted 09 October 2007 - 01:50 PM

Classes just started up again at Uni but now that I'm back into the swing of things I can update the news again.

*First up, Project Perfect Mod has celebrated its 7th birthday. In celebration, Banshee made a spot for Spotlighted SHPs (which includes some of the submissions from the Small Buildings Contest 2007), uploaded some beta content to the RA2 Archives, uploaded a series of movies from the December Community Summit, made the SVN public (FAQ on how that works), updated CnC Editing Tools section and TFD Links, and he had Muldrake fix some issues with the site background to make it better for widescreen users. Congrats to Banshee.

*Speaking of Banshee some more, he's going to Belo Horizonte to attend the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing to present an article about a feature from Voxel Section Editor III. So play nice while he isn't minding the store.

*Lion of CNCDEN received the Legacy Achievement Award as was announced in BattleCast Primetime episode 2 for his great work and commitment to the community through his site. Big congrats go out to him.

*Zee Hypnotist, creator of Tiberium Legos and Red Alego has been interviewed by EA about his creation. It's a pretty interesting read so go check it out.

*CNCNZ debuted a new feature this week called the Roundtable Discussion where various peeps from around the community answer questions about what else but C&C. You can read the first iteration right here.

*Thanks to some help from Komfr, Nyerguds (oldschool C&C1 and RA guru) has created a set of patches that allow you to play Tiberian Dawn (Gold Edition) at higher screen resolutions that default.

*CNC Vision has a new set of polls up for your voting input. This set deals mostly with balance for C&C3.

* asked a question around the community leadership recently ("What Command and Conquer is for you") and has displayed the answers here. The Russian translation is above that post.

*Over at EA's site they've been keeping us updated on progress at the World Cyber Games 2007 and now the final results are in. Apollooo from the UK won 2-0 against XEON from Germany in 2 Scrin vs. Scrin matches. Apollooo takes home the gold medal and pride for the UK and a shiny check for $12,000.

*After a few domain name/hosting problems at CnCWorld, they're back up and running and have uploaded 2 new maps for Tiberium Wars.

*Over at our partner site C&C Files they're celebrating community contributor JohnWE's third year of being staff over there. The community wouldn't be the same without him.

*A Path Beyond and Apocalypse Rising have been busy keeping their blogs updated. APB Beta patch 1 is out and patch 2 will be out soon. Apocalypse Rising is almost finished modeling the interior of the Soviet Ore Refinery. Check it out.

*Zero Hour mod Contra has been busy updating. The most recent updates include the Laser Paladin and a remodel of the B2 Spirit.

*A new C&C mod for Battlefield 2142 has been announced. Battlefield: Tiberian Eclipse will be a total conversion for BF2142 that changes it into a Tiberian-Sun-inspired universe rather than an exact replica in the 1st person.

*C&C Retarded version 2.1 for Tiberium Wars has been released and TheGunRun is currently accepting feedback for it. Also he's thinking up ideas for version 2.2.

*Plenty of mods for Tiberium Wars have been announced recently. One of them is CNC Fallout. Fallout replaces all elements in C&C3, and introduces three unique factions: NATO (comprising the US and Western European States), The Soviet Union and Australia.

*Red Alert: Revolution now has their Soviet Tesla Reactor in-game for your viewing pleasure.

*Shockwave has a new teaser splashscreen up where their site has been dead for months and months indicating that version .95 will be upon us soon.

*Blitzkrieg 2 has new Soviet structures in-game.

*There's been a power shift over at An Act Of War. Evilviking has been caught up in real life so he's given IronRaptor co-leadership status. They're in need of staff in every department but most urgently in the modeling and coding departments. Applications can be sent to EvilViking[AT] or IronRaptor87[AT] (where of course the [AT] stands for @).

*Oh right and EA made another money grab by making a compilation pack of The First Decade and Tiberium Wars in one box called C&C Saga. This move makes little sense with Kane's Wrath coming early next year and the box set coming out now instead of waiting to include KW in it. Of course the long overdue TFD patch 1.03 is nowhere to be seen so C&C Saga will have all the same bugs and problems as TFD. I should also mention that it has been over a year since voting for the hall of fame was supposedly going to "start soon." Oh right and also: Generals Ladder Kit.

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