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Posted 26 September 2007 - 11:59 AM

There's a new update from Apoc on the official forums. BattleCast Primetime is coming on Thursday with new Kane's Wrath info, (also the site's bandwidth has been upgraded to deal with performance problems), there are new art asset updates for modders, patch 1.09 is still in QA testing, and apparently Apoc has a special project for the 12th anniversary that will also come on Thursday.

Apoc said:

Hey everyone,

Here is a quick update on all the hot things going on.

On Thursday, we will debut the next episode of BattleCast Primetime! You've waited a long time, wait no longer, it will be coming. If you want the full details and a teaser of what to expect, go here:

And we are updating the bandwidth of the site, it should be significantly improved already, rest assured we know the site had slow performance last weekend, it is being fixed quickly so you can watch the show stream or download fast!

Modders Moddders Modders!

In our Mod section there are some new gifts for you to help your modding dreams come true for C&C 3.


-New Art Pack containing max files for the Juggernaut, Tripod, Avatar, all infantry models, civillian models, and more

-New Updated UI files for Patch 1.08

-New Clean UI screens so you can make your UI's look nice and pretty with our example files

Mod to your hearts desire and get these files!

My 12th anniversary project will debut on Thursday, no I am not hyping it, but I will still say, I think you guys will find it very close to heart. For those of you who are loyal passionate C&C fans, it should be very entertaining for you. Thursday, it comes!

Patch 1.09, can't say much more that you don't know already. It is in QA, first half of October is still looking strong, and all the Battlecast and balance improvements are coming along. I should also mention a new tournament multiplayer map will be coming as well with the patch.

That's all for tonight folks, sleep well


Also in a separate thread Apoc has posted the full 1.09 change list. It's a big list so I won't copy it here.

As usual, we've mirrored the modding assets here and here.

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