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Nuclear Powers!
For King and Country!
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24 October 2007 - 03:52 AM | Permalink: #1
lol, you seem very unsure about this. Go and play Counterstrike already.

Also, why the heck are the TFD site screenshots filed under "pre-release"? They were made quite a long time AFTER the release of Counterstrike.


24 October 2007 - 06:21 AM | Permalink: #2
Iv played Counterstrike though I dont think I ever finished every Counterstrike, Aftermath or Covert Ops missions cept for Ants and Dinos which I finished all of. I should go back and win all of those missions i guess, there fun and very challenging particulary Covert Ops.

Pre-release screenshots are any screenshots from Westwood, EA prior to release or even after, and screenshots from review/preview websites., and untrue Nverguds SOME of the TFD screenshots are just rebadged Pre-release screenshots while otherwise are from the final version and are new screenshots taken by EA *I suspect*. Post-Release screenshots are taken by us or other fans.

The point is pre-release shots are made for the Press so they are usually far better screenshots or faked or setup in someway to show off a particular feature.

Perhaps we may need to reorganise them into Pre-Release (Alpha, Beta screens), Promotional Screens (press), Post-Release (fan)
What you think?
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