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ShockWave 0.95 Beta Macintosh (No Installer) by Mighty BOB! 
28 July 2008 - 11:22 PM
Last Updated
28 July 2008 - 11:22 PM
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195.93MB (Estimated Download Times)
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ShockWave Mod Team
This is the non-install version of Shockwave 0.95, which should work on Macs (read the instructions in Manual.rtf on how to install the game). *Please don't get this if you are not a Mac Users. Unless your having trouble with the normal installer, we strongly suggest you to use the original installer rather then this Alternative version.

C&C ShockWave is a mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour, expanding on the style and play of the game, like a second expansion pack.

**Don't forget to update Zero Hour with the latest patch before installing ShockWave.**

C&C ShockWave has new many features for you to play with, such as:

Three new Generals
Crush your army with the heavy armor of General Ironside, face heavy GLA weaponry at the hands of Deathstrike or fear the flames and artillery of General Leang.

Over 100 new units
New toys have been created for all the generals and the standard factions: Outrun your enemy with Kassad's new Cobra, obliterate your opponent with Alexander's Shatterer and cause utter choas with Fai's new Battlefortress.

New particle effects
Alot of ingame explosions and weapon effects have been improved: Blind your opponent with the flashes from a nuclear missile and make your enemies suffer from their own Particle cannon by destroying it and causing a unstable particle explosion.

New sound effects
Not only our new additions have been given new sound effects but we have also vastly improved a lot of sound effects of original objects present in the game.

New Generals Powers
All new generals and old ones have been given new generals powers: Burn down entire enemy platoons with the Badger napalm strike from Leang, scare your opponents with the loud V1 rocket barrage from Deathstrike and blow your enemies away with the B52 cruise missile strike from Ironside.

Bugs fixed present in the original game
As a team we strife to fix all bugs that the game will allow us to fix through modding.

********** Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Shockwave Beta Release 0.95 *********

Greatings, General! If you're reading this you're probably downloading 0.95 (or you have downloaded it already).
This new release fixes all known/fixable errors from the last version, and hopefully doesn't add too many new ones.
If you want to read upon the changes since the last version of the mod you will have to check the "Changelog.rtf" document in main package.
If you're unsure how to use this mod read the "manual.rtf" file from the main package to get instructions.

***List of content in this package***

Manual.rtf - Contains a full explanation on how to install the mod and how to use the launcher
Changelog.rtf - Contains a full detailed report of all changes since the last release of the mod
Readme.txt - Lists known unfixable bugs and mod production credits
Everything else - mod files

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

**Don't forget to check out the ShockWave website, ModDB, and forums for more.**

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