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Posted 31 August 2010 - 09:32 AM

1. Sometimes my cameos come out sharp, most of the time they are very blury. Can anyone who has made cameos for C&C give me some advice? what do you do to get get nice sharp bold cameos everytime?

2. Golans's Titan still does it's 'idle' animation even whilst firing. How can I prevent this?

3. Still on Golan's Titan, I use this code for a 'get-up' animation when an engineer recovers a Titan husk
<AnimationState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="USER_5" Flags="START_FRAME_LAST">
          <Animation AnimationName="GUTitan_DIEA" AnimationMode="ONCE_BACKWARDS" />

The animation is the death animation played backwards. The problem is that at the start of the animation, it flips the Titan husk 180 degrees, which looks odd, any ideas on how I can prevent this?

4. Titan again. It has a special power that deploys grenades at a desired 'LOCATION'. The problem is that if the location is out of the grenades range, the target cursor goes red, forcing you to move the Titan into range before the special power can be used.
I'd like it so you can target from out of range, and have the Titan move into range itself before firing. What code do I need?
Special power code:
  <SpecialPowerTemplate id="SpecialPower_DeploySmokeScreen" Flags="LIMIT_DISTANCE WATER_OK NO_FORBIDDEN_MODEL_STATES" RequiredTargetObjectStatus="CAN_SPOT_FOR_BOMBARD" ReloadTime="=$GDITitan_PwrSmokeScreen_Reload" RadiusCursorRadius="=$GDITitan_PwrSmokeScreen_CursorSize" TargetType="LOCATION" NameOfVoiceNameToUseAsInitiateIntendToDoVoice="InitiateSpotTargetBombard" EvaEventToPlayWhenSelectingTarget="SelectSpecialPowerTarget" MinCastRange="150" MaxCastRange="=$GDITitan_PwrSmokeScreen_Range">

Relevant code in Titan.xml
<!--Smoke Screen Special Power-->
      <SpecialPower id="ModuleTag_DeploySmokeScreen" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_DeploySmokeScreen" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="true" />
      <WeaponFireSpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_DeploySmokeScreenUpdate" SpecialWeapon="GDITitanSmokeGrenadeLauncher" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_DeploySmokeScreen" StartAbilityRange="=$GDITitan_PwrSmokeScreen_Range + 50" PersistentPrepTime="=$GDITitan_SmokeNader_FireDur" PersistentCount="6" WhichSpecialWeapon="1" />

5. Buildmod.bat issue. At the end of building a mod, no .big file gets copied to the my document mod folder.
The end of buildmod.bat reads;
'creating mod big file...
copying built mod...
access denied.
access denied.
access denied.
0 file(s) copied.

Checking 'C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3\Mod SDK\BuiltMods\mods' indeed shows that the mod is built, but never copied over. I have to manually copy the built .big into my documents in order to test the mod.
Any ideas why this is happening?
OS is windows XP home, sadly this is a new PC, because my old one died violently.

Any help is appreciated! >_<

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