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I sent wave after wave of my own men knowing full well that eventually the tanks would reach their limit Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 27 May 2008 - 05:18 AM

The setting: A house. A teenager. Bored out of his mind. He starts up Zero Hour and does the Generals Challenge mode. He decides to try something new so he picks infantry. The first battle is verses tank.

Ok I'm sick of talking like that. So I decided to turtle like f*ck. I build a ring of bunkers all around my base and fill them with rocket infantry. And this was a real ring around my base. It wasn't spread out. There was at most room for an Overloard to fit through the gap between each bunker. Did I say that the bunkers were full of rocket infantry? Every single one. Once the defences were ready I realised that I needed to attack. I was about to start training more troops when I realised that I had hundreds of infantry ready to charge.

I emptied all of them and sent every man to charge (this was the first time that I discovered that there was a limit to the number of units that you could group together). There were rocket infantry everywhere. There were so many of them that every time I gave them orders it took about 3 seconds for the AI to respond. As they approached the enemy defences they were pretty much slaughtered en mass. It was hiliarious really. I had to use my Generals Abilities to get the defences down for them. Even at that by the end of the game there were less then 10 units left, down from hundreds, and that was with me reenforcing them and aiding them with Generals Abilities. I think it was one of the stupidest victories I have ever achieved in C&C.

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Posted 27 May 2008 - 10:55 AM

Hah, I've done something like that before. Send in an Uber-massive army only to end up with like 7 half-dead units.

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