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Posted 14 January 2010 - 06:54 PM

Hi I am new at this forum so first of all I want to thank you for creating such great website.I have some problems about Cnc and I think that the best idea is to come here and ask for help.

I have every program properly installed at my comp (Cnc 3 with lastest patch,Mod Sdk Tools Bin opener etc) but still I cant edit the game files because I have some problems about extracitng end editing them.I think there is a way to create mods with diffrent approuch by using mod tools (bat files compling etc) but that is too complex for me to handle and I dont want to create a new mod I just want to chance some models and textures.

I want to edit some of the 3d models in game by 3D Studio Max I have w3X plugins and knowlage about 3d elements but I cant reach them Cn3 is diffrent then Generals and models are not in Big files I think they are all in the bin files which is inside of the Big files.I extracted the bin files from several big files but I cant open them.I searched the net and found a program called BinOpener at that programs info it says that you can open bin files with this program but it doesnt open bin files.That program is only able to open .*manifest format which I dont know what it is.Maybe I need to do something with modsdk tools to convert it or make it readable by BinOpener.

So my Question is simple how can I edit bin files and import/extract files?

My second problem is same to the first one I found some texture files in big files(tga format).I extract them with FinalBig but I cant open those files too it gives a error at photoshop and diffrent programs.

How can I make my image editing programs read and save Games Tga files normally photosop can open all tga's but I think I must work on tga files to make it open.

To extract models and textures from the game I also tried another way and used 3dRipper Dx it worked and extracted files by frame capturing but again my same problems that even common file extensions like tga etc are not readable by my programs.

Thanks you...

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Posted 16 January 2010 - 12:01 PM


So my Question is simple how can I edit bin files and import/extract files?

You can't.

You can use programs like the SDK Extra tools to extract textures and such, but you can't just edit them and then put them back into the big.

TW & RA3 have their filed compressed so they can't be extracted and edited like they could in generals.

If you want to make a tiny change tot he game, you have to make a mod (or a modmap).

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