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Posted 20 December 2007 - 10:57 AM

Over at our sister site C&C Files, resident JohnWE has published his report from the Kane's Wrath community summit he recently attended.

Here are a few random tidbits:

JohnWE said:

The story mode (read ->campaign) will play on the meta map! This will really be a new feature for C&C. Instead of having a completely linear campaign moving from one mission to the next, you'll play the game in a "diamond formation" -- Jim Vessella. You start out with one mission, no choice of which mission. Then you complete it, and you have another mission set in the distant future. You've gotta battle your way to it across the globe. So you can choose which way you want to do that, and you will have some "Talking Heads", as the small briefing videos were called, along the way. All those paths lead back in to that one mission, completing the diamond formation.

Kane's Mask was made different in Kane's Wrath. Why is that? We found out that they did indeed get Kane's original mask from an old Westwood storage locker, but it wasn't detailed enough. Just some plastic foam wouldn't appear very nice in the high resolution videos that they're using for Kane's Wrath, so that was the idea behind the redesign.

MARV - GDI's epic unit. It is a unit that dwarfs the Mammoth Tank. At about three times the size, it has a three-barrelled turret shooting Railguns from the start. It simply decimates any unit by itself.

That and much more can be seen in his report, so go give it a read if it suits your fancy.

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