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Posted 05 February 2009 - 09:54 PM

It has just come to my attention that some coding whiz on the official EA forums named KOS4U2C has created a random map generator program for Red Alert 3.

It's currently in an alpha stage, but it can do different height levels, texture painting from a selected group of textures, texture blending, water, water reflections, works with the different RA3 map types (land, island, water), 1-6 players for land and water, 2-4 players for tournaments (currently working on getting 6 player tournament maps working), can also do symmetrical tournament maps, can place start locations, and can autogenerate a minimap among other things.

At the moment it doesn't utilize the RA3 cliff meshes, but he hopes that he can get working placement of cliff meshes the way RA3's cliffs are done.

Now this isn't going to generate a perfect beautiful map full of perfectly placed props, objects, and cities, but it will however get you a very good start that you can fix up in the Worldbuilder to make a very nice map.

KOS4U2C said:

I'll try to make it as close to RA2 and TS generator as I can, but I'm a university student on co-op term, so I haven't got the time.

If you're interested in the generator, check out this thread on the EA forums for download links. Keep an eye on it for updates as an alpha product can have substantial improvements.

For a bit of technical explanation if you're interested in how it works:

KOS4U2C said:

Right now I generate a perlin noise map (you can see it by clicking on Test Noise) between 0 and 1. Then the program slices the map according to HeightKeys, and assigns the corresponding HeightVals and HeightTextures. HeightSmoothing controls the transition between slices, 0 means no transition, and 1 means linear, more than one and it would be exponential. So if the first two entries of HeightKeys are 0 and 0.1, then all areas of the perlin noise map that is less than 0.1 will be considered the first height slice. Then the program looks up the first entry in HeightVals, and assigns that height to the first height slice, and the first texture in HeightTextures.

The detail level controls the size of the noise, and thus how big each height area is.


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Posted 06 February 2009 - 03:37 PM

YES! I have been waiting for some kind of random map generator like in the older ones, Because by far playing the same maps over and over again is getting very boring and stuff which is why i have begun trying to make my own maps i made an AOD too but its still in the making i thought i had it all good and then all of a sudden a certain troop would not come out and well its anuisances ive decided that im just going ot go ahead and remake it theres too many errors in it anyways.

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