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Posted 19 November 2006 - 07:12 AM

From now on, when you have questions about TSR, please post them in here, that way if people have the same questions as others, they can just look in here and find the answers. If I catch people posting new topics, I will just remove them :D

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Posted 24 November 2006 - 12:28 PM

OK no oness posted here but I will anyway an hope these haven't been brought up before, sorry if they have.

1.The Mamoth MkII is huge so em where will it spawn? Will the GDI warfactory be huge? or will the top fold back and the Mammy rise up or something? will it appear off screen?

2.Will the cyborg reaper be given a better weapon or a weapon specificaly to counter the Mammy MkII?

3.Will the limpet drone >_> be included? If it is, will it be cheaper, or contain extra features, ie be mainly for tracking attached enemy tank movements and probing/or inc a basic sensor device to reveal nearby hiden units or like the chinese hack upgrade show a specific building ie the enemy command center/radar for a period of time when it has latched on/or inc a small detonator to destroy the attached vehicle or a timed detonation?

4.Will the dozer still be included? (I can easily live with that, the game looks imense as it stands)

5.How will the Devils shoebox and subteranian units function

6.How will the Hover units function? (will they be able to float across water?)

7.How will GDI APCs works, can they still travel through water

8. Will extra stuff like tiberium fiends, visceroids, search towers, general tiberium fauna art be included?

9. Will crates appear?

10. Will Weed eaters appear, as well as the orange weed stuff? (sorry forgot proper name) for multi missles

11. will the hunter seeker have a control commonant for manual guidance?

12. will the game feature control towers and control centres with upgrades (ie vulcan cannon componant, ion uplink)

13. Will there be an optional original EVA and unit voices pack that can be downloaded?

sorry for bombarding you all with questions, but this is the first extremely decent TC mod for Zero Hour, it really does look amazing, and I just wanted to find out about these features :-]

Cheers and keep up the amazin work

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Posted 26 November 2006 - 11:09 AM

Hey I didn’t think this warranted a new Forum so I posted it here.
I know that any Campaign (little alone any Firestorm one) is a good time away, but I felt I needed to post my thoughts. I was playing FS for the first time in several years and it got me to think (a scary notion) but Cabal being a Nod Clone that only uses Cyborgs didn’t site right with me. He shouldn’t be so if any thing he should be much more like the borg in star trek. So I put a little thought into it and compiled a list of what Cabal should be listing the original building and Cabals counterpart.


Power plant-(not needed for Cabal all structures and units are self powered)
Hand Of Nod-Cyborg processing center or Assimilator
Stealth Generator-N/A
Radar-Satellite Control uplink
War Factory-Cybernetics production center
Laser-Laser Defense Node (cutting Laser that can Cleve aircraft, tanks, and Infantry into tiny chunks)
Obelisk-Plasma Defense Node (sprays a stream of highly corrosive plasma that will incinerate any thing vary short range with a missiles system with EMP warheads for Anti-air)
Tech center-Cybernetic Research Faculty
Temple of Nod-Localized Cabal Core (can hack passing Ion Cannon satellites and Cease control of ICBMs will not effect players WMDs)
Laser Fencing-Force field Fencing
Auto gate-auto gate

Any drone can be place in any building to regenerate (heal) and whenever a Cabal biuling is captured it self destructs but the player recovers 50% of that building worth


Drone (the same as the standard Cyborg but can be upgraded to serve other roles)
Anti-Armor Drone (an upgraded drone with an Cutting laser attachment)
Assimilator Drone ( the building unit uses the same method as Nod but can also turn enemy Infantry into Slaves if it gets into melee range, and it can infect buildings to capture it)
Cyborg Commando (Hero unit)
Slave (a human that has been infected with nanites that take control of their body and link them into the collective only has the light infantry attack and little health can be taken to a processing center to be turned into a drone )
Harvesting Unit (a machine like the sentinel in the matrix that scowers over the battle field using a tractor beam to collect the materials contained in Tiberium)
Reaper (of course)

That was all I could think of

All the units and Buildings should have a borg feel to them and any captured unit or building should slowly begin to look more Borgified as time passes (if possible)

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 09:26 AM

Sorry. but TS:R is not adding Cabal, it's enhancing Tiberian Sun, it seems a bit much to create a complete new side for a faction that's only seen as "enemy."

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 09:53 AM

Erm, I wouldnt be so sure of that...

#6 User is offline   Collins 

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 10:51 AM

I so Cabal is in?

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 06:36 PM

Future plans of Tiberian Sun Rising are for us to know and you to find out. For exactly whats coming you'll have to wait and see. But TS:R wont be over with the first release i guarentee that. As its got so much potential to be harnessed.

In response to 0r30:

1. The Mammoth Mk2 is constructioned underground in a factory below the Service Depot, then it rises up on the Service Depot Pad when it is completed.

There is a secondary method to recieve the Mk2 and that is via the Dropship Bay ordering it in via a Dropship.

2. The Cyborg Commando will be outfitted to deal with the Mammoth Mk2 with some special attacks specifically for the Mk2, while the Reaper is best suited against Infantry.

3. The Limpet Drone is now exclusive to GDI, and functions like a scout when attached to the unit, but can be detonated at the players leisure as well. There may be different types of detonations available ;).

4. We arnt using Dozers labeling them GDI and Nod Dozer. Instead we created two Construction Units tailored spefically for GDI and Nod. GDI has the Pegasus Powersuit, which adapts to the infantry that pilots it. If an Engineer is inside its a Construction Mech, if a Peacekeeper hops inside its a light assault mech etc. If a Jumpjet hops in it can Hover but it cant fly.

Nod has a upgraded version of the Repair Bot now known as the Replicator, the Replicator gets its name by having the ability to deploy into a micro factory and construct more of itself. This is largely due to Nod lacking a Construction Yard and instead having the Temple of Nod as its base of Operations. The Replicator constructs buildings using special tools on its arm, these tools are of a nano scale in size allowing the Replicator to manipulate materials for construction more effectivly then ever before. Allowing for Nods strange structure designs and artecture made easy with such methods. The Replicator cannot create/or transmute matter it can only move atoms of metallic compounds.

5. The Devils Tongue and Subterrain APC, the Devils Tongue has a Burrow Mode, while in BUrrow mode it travels underground, When u hit Unburrow it will drive on the surface. This also means it can lie udnerground stationary as well good for traps. The Subterrain APC however cannot remain stationary underground.. and must move to go underground.. it has no land travel mode ether cept when it is stopped to unload as its far too vulnerable to risk being on the surface for long.

6. Hover units work just like they did in Tiberian Sun, but are more realistic within the Zero Hour engine so even better :).

7. GDI Apc's are amphibious yes, and can travel on both water and land.

8. Most definatly.

9. You bet ya, Crates are what add an unknown element to multiplayer & skirmish and will be featured :).

10. Yes Vein Harvesting and Chem Missle production works like it does in TS for the most part.

11. The Hunter Seeker is now exclusive to Nod and is a reconanse unit, functing much like the USA's Scout Drone ability except it can be detonated at any time and moved around as well. However its detonation isnt very powerful.

12. It already does feature them, they work :) Component Towers are now interchangable as well for a Price adding a new strategic element to GDi.

13. Yep

Thankyou for your interest ;) any more questions feel free this is what this topic is for.

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Posted 30 November 2006 - 09:59 PM

Dus ye thinkith we may seeith ye old RA 1 voice download

Are we going to see any alpine maps?

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Posted 01 December 2006 - 04:01 PM

so, isn't there a way to make it so that the construction thing is like it was in TS? without a constructive unit? but having the options to build in the sidebar? please tell me you can do that.

oh and I didn't see the FAQ thing, sorry, my question is this:
have you fixed the explosion sounds and effects? and maybe other flaws the game originaly has?
for example: when a rocket soldier fires at an infantry unit, in Generals this happens:
-crappy explosion effect(lots of smoke and a birght light in the middle(orange light=way more crappy)
-the attack barely does any damage

EDIT: I started this question in a separate thread before realising that the FAQ was not about answering questions but asking them, so pleas if you want to, remove the other thread

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Posted 01 December 2006 - 05:12 PM

View PostAssassin, on Nov 28 2006, 01:35 AM, said:

GDI has the Pegasus Powersuit,

I like that name ;) I can't wait to see the Replicator in action though.

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