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Tiberium Wars Advanced 1.52 by Mighty BOB! 
22 January 2008 - 06:57 PM
Last Updated
26 October 2008 - 08:53 PM
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Originally conceived by Chriz "out of pure boredom" Tiberium Wars Advanced adds many new changes to the existing units in Tiberium Wars. It also rebalances the existing factions and fixes some bugs that EA hasn't gotten around to fixing yet.

For example, all 3 factions can now build walls, radar availability has been moved from the Construction Yard structures to the Radar structures (Command Post, Operations Center and Nerve Center) for all 3 factions, certain units have had their stealth detection ranges reduced, late-game economies get bonuses with the tier 4 structures (Space Command, Tiberium Chemical Plant or Signal Transmitter).

**Note: This mod requires that the 1.09 patch for Tiberium Wars be installed or it will not work properly.**

Check out TWA's Features page for change logs from all versions and its ModDB Gallery for eye candy screenshots.


TWA 1.52

-fixed a grafic bug with deploying Nod MCVs
-improved the shader for Nod buildings and units
-walls do not count for the statistic anymore
-removed the "Tiberium Cloud" button from Scrin Corruptors
-renamed TiberiumFiend in TiberianFiend

General Changes/Improvements:
-Carryalls and Ox transports can now transport all types of small vehicles (they are not limited to their side specific units anymore)
-Flame Tanks & GDI/Nod Harvester can now use the "Call For Transport" abillity
-edited tooltips: "Detects Stealth" counts now as abillity
-imporved/new unit icons made by Alex06
-Surveyors, Emissarys and Explorer are now build at war factorys - their price has been changed to 800$, but they still need 16s to deploy
-all infantry special abillitys cost no money anymore and most of them have been changed/edited (find it out for yourself!)
-bonus for garrisioned buildings has been reduced - it is now 10% for vision range, attack range and rate of fire
-increased speed for missiles & disks
-various new blood effects

Global Defence Initiative:
-slightly edited all basic GDI soldier models
-"Railguns" upgrade increases the damage now by 40% (instead of 50%), price/buildtime have been reduced to 4000$/80s
-Predator armor slightly increased
-APCs can not attack air targets anymore
-New unit:
-Centurion - This new hover tank can make short work of enemy air attacks - however, it can not attack ground units

Brotherhood of Nod:
-"Novice Squad" is now known as "Novices"
-"Zealot Squad" is now known as "Disciples"
-"Shadow Team" is now known as "Shadows"
-"Attack Bikes" (or rather "Recon Bikes" since 1.51) are now known as "Raptor Bikes"
-Nods "Call For Transport" reloads in 60s now instead of 120s, price has been increased from 200$ to 300ยง
-moved steatlh detection from Raptor Bikes to Raider Buggys
-Raider Buggys can not attack air targets anymore. Their price has also been increased to 500$ since they are way better vs infantry than in the original game
-Spectres need twice as long to deploy
-Stealth Tanks fire slightly faster
-changed garrisoned cleaning values for flame weapons back to TWA 1.5 settings
-the globe of the Hand of Nod can not kill units anymore when destroyed
-"Laser Capacitors" upgrade increases the damage now by 30% (instead of 50%)
-Avatar price decreased to 2200$ (from 2400$), HP decreased to 10000 (from 12500)

-Explorer cannot crush infantry anymore
-stealth detection has been moved from Seeker to Gunwalker. However, the Seeker gains the "Pulse Scan" abillity to detect enemy units
-"Emergency Shielding": Upgrades small Scrin vehicles in the target area with shields. Available at Stasis Chamber
-when two Buzzer attack each other, both are killed now

-edited tiberium aura for Mutants
-Sentinels gain a new model and a "Explosive Charge" abillity that allows them to place TNT on enemy buildings and units
-edited the Mutant squads values a bit


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