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Invader Zim TC Help wanted Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 05 April 2007 - 04:31 PM

I would like help working on an invader zim TC for either ra2 or yr... if anyone could help lemme know

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Posted 03 October 2007 - 05:12 AM

XD haha.. I know this a more than a few months old..

but lol I was kinda thinking the same thing..only for TS up at PPM!.


Project Name=Impending Doom..Invader Mod..Zim's Wrath/Revenge!--
Plot=The Irken armada have invaded futuristic earth. Their plans to use earth as an intergalactic Irken snack shop using humans as slaves or worst!!! Defend humanity or conquer the filthy humans. Doesnt really fit into the Show...
Sides=Humans, Irken Armada, ..the Resisty? o_O
[Earthly Defenders]
Colors=Allied colors, metallic shiny, some camo? uniforms similar to Anti-Lice Squad..or green as seen on hamstergeddon. hrm..
Faction Synopsis=Humans have developed many new technologies since the last decade, holding myriad forms of gadgetry, mixing in older, conventional forms of technology with newer ones. however due to this many humans depend on technology to do things for them. Their average intelligence can be considered questionable. #Tongue but they still press on advancements in aerial combat
[Irken Invaders]
Irken Colors= Smooth Purples and greens. Some blue or red.. Magenta?
Faction Synopsis=Lead by the Almighty Tallest. The Irken soceity is caste-based. The armada holds advanced alien technology from energy based weapons. Lasers, Plasma guns..death cannons...Irken army is composed of many organic mechanized walkers and the formidable Irken Elite, . Soldiers specially bred for war. heavier equipment is mounted on a tank-like chassis. However again dependency on technology is not as bad as human, but their attitudes in using them can be. their craze for war and destruction fuels their warmongering culture, despite this obsession the Irk are also avid lovers of snacks . ^__^
[Locations]Earth,Moon, Mars,Irk?
[Earth]=Cities, and Temperate locations.. futuristic.human technology is advance but not superior to Irken forces.
Resources=Snacks? Hotdogs?...Waffles?
[Mars]=Barren world, some pyramid like ruins...if "Battle of the Planets" didnt happen. Irken Outposts.?
Resources=Martian tiberium..
[Moon]=Some space junk, similar to mars but with human outposts, some crashed ships etc.
Resources=Lunar Snacks. XD
[Irk]=Purple cities.....and green too. Irken cities..maybe green water? Similar to Devastis
Resources=.....alien hotdogs?...squeedlyspooches. and happy noodleboys


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