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The First Tiberian War

The First Tiberian War (TFTW) is a total conversion for Generals Zero Hour turning it into the first Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn. Nod and GDI battle it out once again with the features of the SAGE engine.

Site: The First Tiberian War Site

  1. The First Tiberian War Website
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  4. Beta Testers
  5. Support
  6. Strategies
  • 247 Topics
  • 5,823 Replies
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Tiberian Sun: Rising

A C&C Generals Zero Hour modification that brings the Tiberian Sun universe into a 3d perspective. Also taking advantage of various aspects of the new SAGE engine of Zero Hour to make a well rounded Tiberian Sun experience.

Site: Tiberian Sun Rising Site

  1. Announcements
  2. News
  3. The Dev Journal
  4. Tiberian Sun Rising Website
  5. Tiberian Sun Rising: ModDB Site
  • 360 Topics
  • 4,389 Replies
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Tiberian Dawn

Tiberian Dawn is a Total Conversion Mod for Command and Conquer 3. We will be bringing the original story back to life, with all of the latest graphics and ingenuity.

Site: Tiberian Dawn Site

  1. Updates
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  4. C&C3 Modding & Editing
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  6. Tiberian Dawn Website
  • 170 Topics
  • 1,569 Replies