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Kane's Wrath as a Musical?
Brother Marcoin
The Masked Messiah Returns!
Nod Specter Render
GDI Shatterer Render
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30 October 2007 - 10:43 PM | Permalink: #1
I hope they also continue the fact that Kane never wears his mask in front of his followers

Example: Whenever he talked to Slavik he edited his broadcast to edit out the Mask
I expect his two sidekicks in Kanes Wrath to have no idea he has the mask as this just shows his mortality which works against the beliefs of Nod

Also notice his TS Jacket is back and hes ditched the Tiberium Wars Robe.


16 January 2008 - 07:44 AM | Permalink: #2
Is it just me or is the mask really a tad too big? It seems to be slightly off-centered (rotated towards his right [visible] eye) and to overlap his left cheek, unlike the TS mask which appeared to perfectly fit his head.

Kucan himself looks awesome in this shot though. With the dark lighting of the scene, his facial features/expression have a much darker, serious effect than in some of the over lit TW scenes.
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